10 News and SEO Trends for 2022
19, Jul 2022
10 News and SEO Trends for 2022

In recent years we have seen how in the SEO world (or Search Engine Optimization ) many webmasters and SEO professionals have had extremely critical but also successful times. And it is that Google, the largest search engine in the world, does not stop innovating and improving its algorithm so that it is less and less artificial and more similar to a human. Therefore, in this post you will be able to see the main SEO news and trends for 2022 . Take note!

These changes inevitably cause variations in the SEO strategy, drops and increases in traffic and, most importantly, a need for constant attention by SEO professionals in all the news that, from Google , comes out and is rumored.

If you don’t know, 2021 has been one of the most intense years in algorithmic changes in the Google search engine and has made several critical updates to its operation and some minor ones that have changed the SEO landscape. That is why now more than ever you should not miss the SEO Trends for 2022  .

SEO trends for 2022

The SEO industry is unpredictable, as are the algorithm updates that Google releases from time to time. It is so volatile that if an SEO goes into hibernation and wakes up a year later, the person could feel a generation gap. With that said, let’s look at the SEO trends for 2022 :

#SEO Trend No. 1: The user experience and its interaction, increasingly important

The first of our SEO trends is user experience , which remains one of the biggest goals that Google pursues. Offer users the content they are looking for, without distractions and in the most original and fastest way possible.

On the other hand, metrics related to user interaction and page experience will continue to gain more potential.

Satisfying the user is going to be increasingly a decisive factor, and elements such as loading speed are essential for a correct experience on the site. On the other hand, we will see how the growth of Google Discover continues and how it is becoming a very important traffic channel for informational sites.

#SEO Trend #2: Artificial Intelligence will be key

Artificial intelligence is changing the way people interact with online content. This intelligent algorithm that we all know shows us the things we like the most and facilitates our searches on the Internet.

Now, search engines do not usually share their technologies and advances, but it is believed that it will improve the user experience during the search. Factors ranging from click-through rate to page time could be included.

To do this, we will have to captivate and engage readers with well-organized and useful content. It will also make it easier for users to find you on any platform.

#SEO Trend #3: More voice searches

2022 presents us with great challenges in terms of SEO trends and professionals who design and manage digital marketing and paid media (PPC) strategies.

Thanks to innovations like Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa, voice search technology has come a long way.

The SEO expert , María Julieta Gómez, professor of the Master in Digital Marketing , affirms that «if I had to highlight two major trends (and opportunities) I would focus on the rise of voice searches and the increase in the consumption of multimedia pieces every time . more visual that gives us the opportunity to create more visual marketing campaigns.

There are more and more voice searches, either directly from the search engine or from smart speakers such as Echo or Google Home. “This change and trend in search habits requires campaigns to be adapted to more semantic phrases and the use of longtail keywords, in addition to adding a conversational tone to text ads,” he adds.

For her part, the expert Macarena Lobato, Digital Media Manager at Podo, says that “with the increasingly strong intrusion of voice assistants in the home, brands must adapt the content to the micro-moments of search that the user performs at these attendees and mobile to get more visibility.

«Here the simple question-answer format and short sentences must be worked on a lot. Work long-tail keyword and local searches”, adds Lobato. It is estimated that the percentage of households that own a smart speaker by 2022 will be 55%.

#SEO Trend #4: Full Mobile Index

“SEO is neither created nor destroyed, it only transforms. 2022, in quotes, will not bring anything new or revolutionary but will continue the trends that we have already been talking about in recent years, “says Professor Sergio Castelo.

Castelo believes that it is expected that during this coming year, «Mobile first index» will become «full mobile index» so for those who are still behind, there will be no more excuses: the mobile user experience becomes essential and that of hiding or eliminating surplus texts from the desktop version will be left behind.

Any website must be designed with all the information accessible from mobile devices. On the other hand, as Google has already confirmed, Web Core Vitals will become one more ranking factor, so be careful – once again – with the entire user experience, load times and changes that occur on the page. since it loads until the user interacts. 

It is estimated that almost 73% of Internet users will access the Internet only through mobile devices by 2025 . That is why you must reinforce mobile platforms, since this is the future and you will receive the highest user traffic from this channel. It is closely related to voice search optimization.

#SEO Trend #5: Videos are the future

Another of the SEO trends for 2022 is, without a doubt, videos. Implementing videos in our SEO strategies is very effective. YouTube has over a billion users, so if you’re not creating video content now is the time to get started.

To have a good SEO using videos as an ally, you must optimize the name and description of your video channel, always offering the information and resources that are required. Of course, keywords are crucial for your SEO strategy to be foolproof.

#SEO Trend #6: Secondary Keywords Matter Too

SEO professionals used to focus on primary keywords as the only option. Now, we know that secondary keywords are just as important. Semantic search and intent optimization will become more important in the future.

It’s about analyzing the context of the query and understanding the user’s search intent. This means that the more relevant the information provided through primary and secondary keywords, the better.

#SEO Trend #7: Good positioning does not mean more traffic

Even if we manage to position a page in the SERP, it does not have to automatically increase traffic. Although that approach worked before, it will now partially stop working. If we look at the search results we can see that the top positions are full of ad units, so even if the site reaches the top of the rankings, it could be “buried” under all that information.

Instead of having SEO optimization as a final result to position a page well, we should focus on another type of metric. For example, the CTR or the click rate on the link.

This indicator may increase if we work on the meta tags, titles and descriptions. We can work on these concepts with the combinations offered by Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

#SEO Trend #8: Long articles rank better

Long articles of more than 3,000 words are more likely to help get more consistent traffic compared to small or medium ones. Various studies claim that long articles attract organic traffic three times more than medium-length content.

Readers need more time to explore the detailed knowledge of topics that provide in-depth content. We all know what happens when visitors to a page spend more time on the site: Google generates more traffic through search rankings.

On the other hand, Google affirms once again that the quality of the content is essential for success in positioning. These factors help determine if a web page has quality and useful content.

Another SEO trend for 2022 is updated content . All writers will need to go back and assess their current content to make room for additional detail, longer text, or more specific keywords.

#SEO Trend #9: Local SEO becoming more and more important

On the other hand, the pandemic has changed our way of life and has also changed our internet browsing habits.

If local SEO was gaining a lot of relevance, now it is even more so, especially in transactional searches. Now selling cheese online is not just an eCommerce thing , neighborhood stores also come into play, even without having a website. 

#SEO Trend #10: Continuity of last year’s trends

Interpreting search intent and getting our content right continues to seem like the most basic. Structured data helps to get more screen share. Video and podcast continue to grow, and voice search, albeit much more slowly, too.

The role of the EAT (experience, authority and trust) will also continue to be important. It is essential to support our information on the web with data and if these come from official websites, even better. Link to reputable sites, such as “.edu” and “.gov” URLs. Having authorized sites that link to your website is another way to prove that you meet the EAT criteria.

The featured snippets or Featured Snippets will become more and more important. Since they were implemented in 2017, they continue to be an important objective for sites that want to position themselves and gain.

machine learning

One of the novelties of 2021 has been the incorporation of  Machine Learning  in the Google algorithm to require minimum activity to be able to optimize paid campaigns in both display and search.

This minimum of activity will result in lower relevancy of long tails in favor of head and mid tail keywords. This implies a simplification in the structure of accounts and campaigns, as well as less use of long tail keywords and the use of the exact match type in favor of the broad one.

The incorporation of these privacy policies that have become official in 2021 implies an implementation by Apple of the ITP ( Intelligent Tracking Prevention ) that blocks third-party cookies and places limitations on the use of First Party data.

Are you ready to put all these SEO trends into practice ? Leave your comments and share!

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